Why tipping is a good example of win – win

Why tipping is a good example of win – win

At one of my favourite cafes today I paid my bill and the lady behind the counter said thank-you for my tip.

I in turn thanked her for her wonderful, friendly service.

The thought occurred to me that this was a lovely example of a win – win.

The waitress delivered great service which I in turn recognised via a small tip.

The essence of small wins is to try and encourage this type of thinking.

Applying win – win to other areas of your life:

Imagine if you could apply a win – win to all of your professional and personal relationships.

Imagine if you could apply it to your career e.g. job sharing (i.e. you both enjoy work flexibility) or studying at night (i.e. you gain extra skills and your employer extra productivity).

Or in your efforts to keep fit for example e.g. meet a friend and go for a walk (i.e. maintain relationships and enjoy some exercise).

Win – win opportunities are everywhere.

They can make your life (and others) better, easier and more enjoyable.

It’s just a small shift in mindset that can make all the difference.


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