A leadership development program that works

A leadership development program that works

Leadership development programs are often expensive, lengthy and involve a great deal of time for sometimes little reward.

Now there is an alternative.

– It’s shorter

– Focused on real projects and

– Costs the same (per person) as a 1 hour executive coaching session

It’s called The 12 week Small Wins Way Leadership Development Program.

The aim is to generate, fast, tangible results in the short-term and build a higher performance habit in the long term.

The idea is that small, bite-size changes can and do make a big difference.

A 1% weekly improvement in a leaders or team performance can equate to over 50% in a year!

This program asks participants to work on 2 real world projects with their team using the small wins 5-step process and tool kit.

The small wins way is delivered via a combination of face-to-face and online which means that it can be rolled out to all your leaders and managers.

We can also measure the effectiveness of the program via the project results and a pre an post survey.

You can tell I am excited about this program.

The small wins way leadership program can help your leaders to achieve higher performance in productivity, innovation and engagement.

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