A small yet powerful way to engage consumers

A small yet powerful way to engage consumers

I just returned from Singapore where I ran a few courses for the Institute of Marketing there.

The course I designed was called Marketing Creativity.

Half-way through the course some of the participants told me about a new ice-cream place that had all these amazing flavours.

So we all went off on a field visit to this venue.

Ok so we all tasted the ice cream which was delicious.

The staff were friendly and enthusiastic about their ice-cream.

Another big plus.

But what really caught my eye was the tables.

On each of the tables was all the customer feedback about their ice-cream.

What a fabulous way to engage consumers.

Have other consumers tell stories, draw pictures, make jokes about your brand and place them around for all to see.

It inspires trust, confidence and a willingness to try the new offerings.

A great lesson in how to engage consumers.

You recognise your current and past customers and tempt your future ones with legitimate and compelling stories.

A lovely win – win.

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