Why Apple wins – it’s the small things

Why Apple wins – it’s the small things

I read with great interest an interview with chief Apple Designer  Jonathon Ive his obsession with the smallest details of all the Apple products.

This interview was in a recent edition of the New Yorker .

I quote from the interview (by Ian Parker).

‘For example, the rounded corners and edges that have long helped distinguish an Apple product from a ThinkPad or a book.

Ivy spoke of the opportunities that now exist, if the material permits, to take a more elegant path from one line to another; he talked of tangency breaks and Bézier surfaces.

When I mentioned this to Powell Jobs, she cried out, “Yes! That is such a breakthrough, I forgot about that.”

For each product, Jobs and Ive would discuss corners “for hours and hours.”

She later noted that she and Ive share a taste for Josef Frank, the Austrian-Swedish designer of rounded furniture and floral fabrics, who once announced, in a lecture, “No hard corners: humans are soft and shapes should be, too.”

Imagine the attention to detail here – hours and hours discussing corners.

Now multiply this by hundred times — perhaps a thousand.

Small things matter.

But it is the cumulative impact of these small details where the magic of Apple lives.



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