How you can achieve big goals

How you can achieve big goals

We all have big goals.

Our group and team also have collective big goals.

For example — it could be to reach a certain stage on our career by a certain age or to earn a certain income or develop a better work – life balance.

Or it could be to lose weight or run an event on a certain date.

It doesn’t matter what the goal is.

We sometimes also have big ideas and maybe were guided by an even bigger vision.

But the challenge is to make these a reality.

One way is to break down these bigger goals into smaller, actionable steps.

By doing so it helps everyone to get started.

Then when we achieve a milestone we can celebrate the small win.

This gives all managers and leaders greater confidence, momentum and a sense of progress.

It is only through a process of small wins that leaders and (the teams they lead) can attain our bigger goals.

This process of small wins is not linear however.

A small step forward might lead to a new discovery or insight which might make the journey shift in unexpected ways.

Oscillating between the big goal and a process of small steps and wins also helps everyone deal with small setbacks or tiny failures.

Big goals – small steps – small wins is a winning formula that grounds your imagination with a concrete, practical  way forward.

It’s the small wins way.

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