Why every leader should have an ideas buddy

Why every leader should have an ideas buddy

Leadership can be a lonely role.

But to create and innovate I believe every leader should seek and maintain someone who they can bounce ideas off (and you can help them as well).

Lets call this person an ideas buddy.

A person who they trust and can make your idea better.

But also five you some critical feedback as well.

I was reminded of this dynamic with a recent interview in the New Yorker with Jonathon Ives (by Ian Parker) when he (Ives) was talking about his relation with Steve Jobs.

“Steve used to say to me—and he used to say this a lot—‘Hey, Jony, here’s a dopey idea.’

And sometimes they were: really dopey.

Sometimes they were truly dreadful. But sometimes they took the air from the room, and they left us both completely silent.

Bold, crazy, magnificent ideas.

Or quiet, simple ones which, in their subtlety, their detail, they were utterly profound.”

Notice the level of trust.

Steve Jobs had no problems saying to someone that reports to him — hey this might be a dopey idea but………

This is also a classic win – win.

The person generating the idea gets constructive feedback and the receiver has their mind opened to new possibilities.

Who is your idea buddy?

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