Here’s a new way of selling cars that works

Here’s a new way of selling cars that works

My existing car is 8 years old so I trudged off to the various car yards to have a look at what’s new.

What I did notice was how the salesperson talked about the price.

Previously it was always – go with the cheapest price and then there was all the add ons.

These always seemed to be hidden or in the fine print which consumers (I suspect) found annoying.

But the salesperson on the weekend used a different approach.

He gave me the total retail figure say $24000.

Then said:

– But we have a special deal where we pay for insurance say $500

– then registration — another $500

– then for this week only we are offering a special deal where we give you automobile assistance which is another say $500.

This brings the price down to $22500.

I suddenly was nodding along thinking what a great deal!

Now compare the reaction to being given a price but then feel more and more extra stuff was being loaded on to the initial price.

It’s a small change in selling cars.

But I suspect it works extremely well.

I feel I get a better deal and the company moves more product.

A win – win.

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