Here’s how to celebrate success

Here’s how to celebrate success

Remember the school assembly?

Lets admit it – sometimes the experience was a bit boring.

But on other occasions it was quite inspiring.

These were the occasions that the principal recognised specific individual or team achievements.

Perhaps leaders can learn from the school assembly about how to celebrate success?

Here are my thoughts:

Make it regular.

– the assembly was every week – no excuses — every monday morning without fail.

It’s public

– The school assembly awards were also very public.

there is nothing like the inner glow of being recognised in front of your peers.

It can be a small recognition

– It seemed on reflection that everyone at some point of their school life won something.

But this is how it should be.

It is quite powerful.

Make it timely

Celebrating success should be done when it happens.

It’s no use celebrating success of a project that finished 3 months ago.

The celebration like the school assembly does not have to be a big, expensive affair.

Gather a few people together, recognise the achievement and the effort and move on.


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