How a small wins goal can have a big impact

How a small wins goal can have a big impact

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a small wins goal of reading 2 books every month.

It’s a small, tangible, realistic goal.

His first book is Moises Naim’s “The End of Power”.

This was at No. 44,369 on Amazon’s list of best-selling books — now it has entered the top 10 as a direct result of Zuckerberg’s endorsement.

This begs the question.

Who might endorse your product or service?

And why?

It does not have to be someone famous.

What about your current customers?

Or your heavy users?

Or a customer who went away and has now returned?

Authentic, unprompted endorsements either online or word or mouth are like gold.

It is an ideal place to start a small wins innovation process.

Ask your group or team who is currently endorsing your product or service and why?

Then who would you ideally like to do this?

Now try and close the gap.


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