How are you improving your performance today?

How are you improving your performance today?

I was reading a newspaper today and there was a story on Australian swimmer and Olympic Silver medalist James Magnussen.

The story highlighted the many small changes he was making to try and achieve a gold medal at the next Olympics.

Some of these include:

- a change in diet (e.g. more protein)

- a shift in coaches

- extra gym sessions in his training

- taking up Pilates

- a new mentor (i.e. Australian head Coach – Alan Thompson)

- new mental preparation and 

- a new personal relationship

I was struck by how much he is doing to improve his performance.

This made me think of the many managers and leaders I work with.

I wondered to myself — what could we learn from his example?

And further — how can leaders and their teams improve their performance – every day?

Here are a few suggestions:

James had the courage to realise that what he was doing in the past was not quite good enough.

This has created a new growth mindset where James is open and willing to change.

He has taken responsibility for many of these changes.

As a result, he feels more self-confident and in control of his life.

There is a long term goal (i.e. a gold medal) and no doubt numerous step by step goals along the way.

Also note the number of small changes that collectively add up to an enormous transformation e.g. a change in diet

As a leader, ask yourself — are you improving today?

Are your (and your teams) solutions, ideas, decisions and actions better than they were this time last year for example.

If not, start your self-improvement journey today.

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