How can we make it better?

How can we make it better?

This is a great question for anyone in or working with a team.

How can we make it better?

The ‘it’ could be an idea, solution, product, process or course of action.

I love it because there is a collaborative aspect — ‘we’.

And the question suggests a continuous journey rather than a destination i.e. best.

It suggests an openness to the possibility that any solution, idea etc could be made better.

There is a humility about this question.

In my workshops for example when groups come up with their best ideas I then say.


How can you make your idea 9 times better?

You have 2 minutes – go.

People are then amazed at how much better they can push their idea.

The lesson?

Most of the limits we place on ourselves are self-imposed.

Better — is so much better than best!

It’s a lovely example of how a small, simple question can have a big impact.



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