How to annoy customers – it’s the small things

How to annoy customers – it’s the small things

Business owners have over the years improved their customer service.

Rarely do you hear of the complete screw up.

And if it does happen, most business leaders know how to handle these situations.

But what I have noticed is that the customer experience battlefield is now the small things.

Asking 2 or 3 times for a new fork for example.

Or the key that does not work when you return to your hotel room.

A friend just told me that a new cafe that just visited for the first time charged them $2 for some hot water because their tea had gone cold.

She vowed not to return.

All for a $2 charge for hot water.

These I agree are small things.

But this is the point.

It’s the smaller things that can make all the difference.

If you were writing a new manual of how to annoy customers you would start now with a list of small things.

Ignoring these smaller things which you can control are often symptomatic of a bigger indifferent attitude and also indicate that customer expectations of service are rising.

It represents a ‘lose – lose’ for the business and the customer.

The key message?

The customer experience is made up of lots of smaller interactions.

These should be the focus of your attention in the future.

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