How to become an awesome leader

How to become an awesome leader

I think we need a new language to talk about leadership.

One that talks to all current and future leaders.

Here is my suggestion.

Lets try and develop awesome leaders!

Here’s how to do this by using the word AWESOME:

Achieve results.

There are many leadership models which stress various competencies and attributes but sometimes they forget that leadership is primarily about achieving results through and with people.

Results count.

And so does how the outcomes are achieved but there must be some achievement by an individual, group or team.


This is the great insight of Simon Sinek — start with why.

For a leader to engage others they must start with answering the why question e.g. why are we doing this? or why is this important?

Leadership starts with why.

Everyone can and is a leader or has had some leadership experience.

It could be on the sporting field, at work or at home.

Everyone is a potential leader (either formally or informally).

It’s an opportunity that senior leaders need to recognise more often.

Small wins is the pathway for all big achievements.

The concept of a small wins ensures progress, momentum and confidence.

It’s a training ground for all future leaders (i.e. small challenges, small teams, small budgets, small risks and small time frames).

Others have to win as well.

Becoming an awesome leader is about enabling others as well as yourself to win.

It has to be a win- win.

Being an awesome leader is not about you shining at the expense of others.

It’s about lifting everyone along the way.


Becoming an awesome leader is often more about the tiny moments rather that the big dramatic gesture.

It’s saying than-you.

Or remembering people’s names.

It’s the small moments that can make a big difference.

And lastly.

Everyday higher performance

Awesome leaders want to improve every day.

Just like sportspeople, leaders strive for a higher performance not just high.

There it is.

Becoming AWESOME is the new benchmark for all aspiring leaders.

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