How to make a small difference – everyday

How to make a small difference – everyday

I recently gave a presentation to a MBA class on the Small Wins Way approach to innovation, change and leadership.

I started the conversation by asking them:

Could they recall a small change in their life that led to a big difference?

Here are some of their reflections:

- I started having breakfast each day which that I had more energy throughout the day and I stopped snacking.

- I now don’t look at my email for the first hour of my working day. This means that I can do my best thinking without being interrupted or distracted.

- After your presentation today I am going to try studying for an hour each day so that I have more time to spend with my partner on the week-end.

- I have started walking up the stairs rather than always catching the lift.

- I am waiting for the other person to finish their point before jumping in. This is hard for me but I am trying (sounds like a great win – win to me).

My point is this.

A small difference or change in behaviour done regularly can have a major impact.

Imagine for example, trying to improve by 1% in a particular area. After 1 years this could be a 50% improvement!

Small changes feel empowering and by their nature feel as though you and your team really can make a difference.

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