Have you had a few little breakthroughs today?

Have you had a few little breakthroughs today?

I love the idea of little breakthroughs.

For too long we have all been seduced by the idea that a breakthrough has to be big, game-changing or disruptive.

But perhaps there are also smaller, everyday varieties.

I came across the expression little breakthroughs from author, Daniel Coyle who is the New York Times bestselling author of The Talent Code, The Little Book of Talent,Lance Armstrong’s War, and The Secret Race and Hardball: A Season in the Projects.

I quote from a recent blog he wrote:

‘focusing on the big breakthrough can cause you to overreach. It can create a steady diet of disappointment (after all, breakthroughs are rare, by definition).

Worse, you stop focusing on the smaller, incremental things that really matter.

The best performers and teachers I’ve seen don’t get caught up in seeking big breakthrough moments.

Instead, they hunt the little breakthroughs — the small, seemingly insignificant progressions that create steady daily progress.

In short, they love baby steps.

Here are some examples of little breakthroughs:

– a sales person finally gets a difficult client to meet with him/her

– a hard-to-please boss says well done on a recent job

– a well-received presentation

– a negative team member opens up to their colleagues

– someone asks a new question that helps the group look at a situation differently

– a new customer insight

– the group or team hits a project milestone

In short:

Little breakthroughs are everywhere.

The problem has been we have not noticed them before.

Little breakthroughs like small wins can quickly add up to a big difference.

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