How to lose weight using a small wins approach

How to lose weight using a small wins approach

I am not a nutritional or health expert.

But this is the story of an Australian guy who lost a lot of weight.

His name is Gus Worland who happens to be a radio host and TV personality.

He also happens to be best mates with Hugh Jackman.

When Hugh was last in Australia he apparently said to his mate that he (Gus) was over-weight — and was worried about his health.

Gus weighed a mighty 140 kilos at the time.

He started on a health and fitness campaign and some 11 months and 30 kilos later , completed the New York Marathon.

What I love about this story is that it feels a more sustainable way of losing weight rather than having people bark at you for a few months then you go back to your old, bad habits.

It seems that a small wins approach is far more effective way of achieving any big life goal.

You can have a big goal (e.g. to run a marathon) but the only way this can happen is through a series of small steps.

In  Gus’s own words here are his suggestions to achieving a weight loss target:

1. Realise you’ve got to change.
2. Understand that it won’t be easy.
3. Dump the junk.
4. Get moving.
5. Keep it real.
6. Take it slow and steady.
7. Have a goal.

What have you got to lose.

Just start (e.g. walk around the block tonight).

Start with small steps.

Then celebrate your small wins.

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