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Our Small Wins Innovation Programs:
  • The aim of these programs is for SME owners and their teams to learn how to innovate, change and grow – one small win at a time!
  • We can customise these programs to suit your time frame and budgets.
  • The Small Wins Innovation programs are sustainable, measurable and cost-efficent.
  • They can be designed as a stand-alone module or as part of a more extensive people development program.
  • Become An Accredited Small Wins Innovation Facilitator:
    This is the ideal program for trainers, facilitators, team leaders, HR professionals or coaches.

    In this course you will learn how to engage and develop a small win innovation capability in every group and team.

    This includes how to use the 5 step process, creative thinking tools and small wins behaviours.

    This is a ‘must do’ accreditation course for anyone interested in learning, growth, innovation, change and unlocking amazing performance in groups and teams.