How small wins can build an innovative culture

How small wins can build an innovative culture

One of the big advantages of adopting a small wins approach is the impact on culture.

I have argued that the best way to get leaders and their teams to become more innovative is to encourage them to regularly tackle an innovative project.

And this project should be small, something they care about and have the resources to implement.

By doing a small wins innovation project you not only achieve a result but you have  a greater appreciation of the process itself.

You become more open to new ideas.

If you multiply this effect 100 times over in a large organisation you can start to see how it can impact culture.

Suddenly the idea of building a more innovative culture is not so far-fetched. 

You can start to build it — one win at a time.

As a senior leader of a service organisation recently commented to me:

I regularly think about small wins innovation in the context of our continuous improvement (CI) program, which encourages improvement in bite-size chunks as a way of creating an organisational culture that is more receptive to larger, ‘disruptive’ initiatives.

Small wins innovation and change viewed in this context complements and enhances big wins innovation.


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