What is a small wins mindset?

What is a small wins mindset?

We all like the big idea or a bold dramatic action.

Or the big decision or speech.

These are often amazing to experience.

But they are infrequent and often limited to a few leaders.

There is another path to long-term, systematic and sustainable success.

It’s called small wins.

But it needs a shift in mindset.

Fortunately a small wins mindset can be learned and developed.

A small wins mindset believes:

It is better to make a start than continue to plan or over-think. In short — action matters.

- That you can achieve great, big goals over time  by achieving one small win at a time.

Sometimes a bigger journey emerges from the success of a series of smaller wins.

- This new belief system can be learned and developed by individuals, teams and eventually an entire culture.

- It can be applied to most challenges (i.e. a problem, opportunity, issue or decision).

The answer is more often than not found in small ideas or solutions.

- Small wins are everywhere — what is often missing is a way to capture, learn, celebrate and share these. 

Practicing and experiencing a small wins approach can lead to higher performance (i.e. increased levels of innovation, productivity and engagement).

And that you can learn as much from a small failure as you can from a small win.

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