The advantages of small thinking.

The advantages of small thinking.

Big thinking has its place.

But so does small thinking.

It has many advantages:

less intimidating

- more people can contribute their ideas

- faster

- less risk

- drives progress towards a bigger goal

- can be taught

- easier to copy, learn or adapt what others are doing

- can lead to higher performance of any group or team

Small thinking has helped me to see ideas everywhere.

A book store for example places markers in all of the books they sell.

A beautiful, small idea to constantly remind people of the outlet.

Not to mention it helps the reader maintain their place.

As a leader it is a powerful way to energise your group or team. 

Big goals can be broken down into small goals.

Small thinking can lead to small risks, small time delays, small mistakes and small progress.

It can change a culture.

Over time it can make a big difference.

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