The disruption alternative

The disruption alternative

Disruption is important.

It is a powerful force to overturn monopolies and tired, out-dated brands and industries.

Disruptive business models can also provide a huge benefit to consumers and customers like Uber for example.

But following a disruption strategy if you are a manager or leader in a medium to large size organisations is a double-edged sword.

On the one hand it can renew and revitalise an existing business.

But it is also expensive, risky and time-consuming.

There is another approach.

I call it – The Small Wins Way.

This is where small teams take on small challenges with small budgets and ideally create small wins.

This creates momentum, progress and it is highly engaging.

What’s more The Small Wins Way means that everyone can be involved in the innovation and change process.

It also means that young, future or emerging leaders can practice innovation on real projects.

Disruption and The Small Wins Way complement each other.

You can have a big, disruptive goal which can only be attained if you break it down into small, actionable steps.

And sometimes out of a small win, a larger disruptive opportunity can emerge.

Thye most important message is that with innovation like any change program the hardest part is to start.

If you can make the start easier, faster and more engaging you can, over time bring about meaningful change.

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