What’s the most important innovative behaviour?

What’s the most important innovative behaviour?

Recently I gave a workshop on creative thinking and innovation to a group of leaders of a well known brand in China.

I was particularly keen to talk to the creative director and I asked him about his process for generating ideas or solving problems.

He said he shut the door and waited for inspiration to strike.

I was intrigued by this approach.

It no doubt works for him but i felt that this is too passive.

What if inspiration does not strike?

I also find it too stressful.

My suggestion is this:

My experience is that I generate my best ideas when I am actively searching for new solutions.

Hence when I work with a group or team I place greater emphasis on changing behaviour.

And what is one key innovative behaviour?

Searching for ideas.

That’s right.

You have a problem and you go out and search for a new idea.

It could be by visiting a retailer or a competitor or talking to some customers.

It’s a proactive process.

And you will often find the solution in the most unexpected of places.

The important point is this — if you think about creativity, ideation and innovation as a set of behaviours, everyone can play.

The great news is that everyone can learn and practice these.

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