The one thing that creative people do – a lot!

The one thing that creative people do – a lot!

Here it is.

Are you ready?

Creatieve people spend a lot of time bouncing ideas off other people.

You just have to watch or listen to them.

For example:

‘Hey jane, have you got 5 minutes — i just want to bounce an idea off you.’

Creative people know that great ideas emerge from the interactions of a diverse range of people.

They have a starting or initial idea but they would like to get a quick reaction.

They also look for people who are open to new ideas and that they trust.

Idea receivers that won’t criticise or judge their precious ideas too harshly.

So if you wish to become more creative than follow their lead.

The next time you have an idea — ask a trusted colleague:

Hey …….., can I bounce this idea off you for a few minutes?

The key is to make it short and to the point because most people are time-poor.

You just want an early reaction.

Start bouncing your ideas today!

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