The secret to innovative organisations

The secret to innovative organisations

Everyone wants to know the secret of innovative organisations.

These organisations seem to be able to produce breakthrough new ideas and products — on demand.

But how do these innovative organisations do it?

My observation is this.

They have more people innovating, more often.

It’s that simple.

Yet so hard.

Think of a gym.

What makes a vibrant gym?

It’s the friendliness of the staff, the quality of the instructors and the gym equipment.

But it’s also the number of people actually working out.

Imagine a gym where everyone was sitting around talking about exercising but not actually getting up a sweat.

I think it is the same with innovative organisations.

Individuals and teams have to be constantly talking about new ideas, approaches and solutions.

This requires leaders to support innovative behaviour and new ideas.

And it requires a process and tool-kit that enables everyone to participate.

This is why I have developed the Small Wins Way.

It’s for:

– small teams,

– facing small challenges

– with small budgets

– that want to take small risks and

– have small time frames.

By starting small-everyone can become more engaged in the innovation journey and practice their innovative skills.

To go back to the gym analogy, imagine if their was a weight machine that was set only on a heavy weight.

This might be useful for the professional body-builder but not for the other 99% of people that would like to work-out on this machine.

Innovation is the same.

More people innovating, means more ideas, interactions and ultimately more innovation!

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