The 5-step Small Wins Innovation Process:

The small wins innovation process consists of 5 steps:

The process kicks-off by asking a new question (e.g. how can we generate more traffic to our site?) or identifying a problem (e.g. how can we improve our customer retention rate?).

The goal can be to make an improvement by 1% in the next 30 days. The important point is to start learning and practicing how to innovate.

A SME owner, leader or team then creates some new ideas or solutions, tests the best ones and measures what happens against some goal or target.

Most importantly the process encourages individuals or groups to reflect on what they have learned and to share this across departments or silos.

You can download a free small wins innovation worksheet on the home page. 

The 5 steps are:

  1. Ideate

  2. Test

  3. Measure

  4. Learn

  5. Share