The Small Wins Way vs Business Improvement

The Small Wins Way vs Business Improvement

I was just asked by a leader of a large financial organisation:

How does The Small Wins way compare to Business Improvement?

This is what I said (although in fewer words):

How the 2 approaches are similar:


- Adopt a continuous journey mindset

- Have a formal, semi-structuredprocess 

- Are important to an organisation’s ability to adapt, change and grow

- Value measurement and learning

But there are important differences:

The Small Wins Way is:

- Aimed at developing a higher performance among all current and future leaders 

- Is a way of thinking and behaving that can be applied to any activity both at work and in a leader’s personal life (e.g. How can i start to lose some weight?)

- Is concerned with process and problems and opportunities (Business Improvement tends to focus on existing processes).

- Places more emphasis on and uses creative thinking and imagination tools (e.g. Ideas Blitz) rather than analysis

- Quicker and shorter (e.g. how do we improve our meetings for example by 1% in the next 7 days).

- Concerned with both improving internal efficiencies and the customer experience (i.e. external).

- Uses a different, perhaps more celebratory  language

- Powerful because of the cumulative and cultural impact of small changes — over time.

The key message:

Both approaches are complementary and can co-exist.

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