The Starbucks customer experience

The Starbucks customer experience

I have been running a number of courses and workshops in Shanghai and Hong Kong on Small Wins Innovation.

One of the group activities we do is to visit a Starbucks site and search for small, new ideas.

Participants are fascinated with this exercise because it’s like they are seeing Starbucks for the first time.

They come back with numerous images of lots of small ideas and discuss what works, what they can learn and apply to their business.

Invariably they come to the conclusion that the Starbucks customer experience is the sum total of many small ideas or what I call small wins.

Think of the image here where Starbucks supply a range of different straws depending on the type of coffee.

A bite-size change that might not be noticed but it enhances the overall customer experience.

The next time you visit are Starbucks — really look and feel what they are doing.

There are ideas you can adapt or borrow everywhere.

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