How to think and work smarter

How to think and work smarter

We have all been told to work smarter not harder.

But how do you actually do this?

I suspect the starting point is to step back and ask yourself and/or your team a number of questions.

The first one is:

What is a smarter way to do this?

Then work your way through a number of ‘how to’¬†type questions:

Could we for example:

Stop this activity all together?

- Can we delegate it?

- Have we asked the users (recently) if they still want it?

- Can we use technology to help us out?

- Could we a scaled down version (e.g. a summary vs full report).

- Who does this activity really well that we might be able to copy, adapt or learn from?

Asking these types of questions might help you work smarter.

Remember you are only looking for a small change or improvement.

In the photograph I took above for example — the cafe needed some extra room so they converted 2 toilets into 1 and had some fun with the images.

This is a smart thing to do.

Try making a smart, small change then try something else.

Before you know it you will be on the path of thinking and working smarter.


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