What about a leadership masters competition?

What about a leadership masters competition?

It’s that time of the year when the golf world turns to Augusta for this years Masters Tournament.

The best male players in the world compete for this celebrated title.

Even the greatest player of his generation Tiger Woods says that he has ‘worked his butt off from sun up to sun down’.

This gave me an idea on how to improve the performance of every emerging leader.

Perhaps every CEO should consider hosting its own Masters Type Competition for all of its future leaders (for example).

Here is how it might work:

- The competition starts with a big challenge that is important to the business.

– For example: How can we double the retention rate of our customers?

– The emerging leaders then form teams and they must come up with the best solution to this challenge.

– They can have 1.5 days to work on this challenge.

– On the afternoon of the second day they must present their solution to a senior leadership team who gives them immediate feedback.

– And if the solution is good enough they might consider funding a pilot study to test the solution.

– Their can be prizes and a green jacket ceremony where the winners of last year’s challenge can present to this years winners.

The future leaders gain valuable exposure to the senior leaders and hopefully crack a pressing issue.

A classic win- win.

The leadership masters competition is another small idea that could have a big impact.

Ps. This is a picture of me after my one and only hole in one!

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