What can we learn from the Starbucks straw?

What can we learn from the Starbucks straw?

Starbucks has just launched a new cookie straw for use with their Frappuccino.

The straw can be used to sip or dip the coffee but it also can be eaten.

But watch the added calories!

Other companies have also tried to reinvent the humble straw with varieties such as:

– sliced pork variety or

– beef or

– bacon

I am not advocating the use of products that are unhealthy but I am interested in this development from a small wins way perspective.

Suddenly a small item (i.e. a straw) that everyone took for granted, is now being talked about.

It has become a way of differentiating your brand or business.

The tiny straw could boost sales and profits and (perhaps) enhance the customer experience.

A win – win.

It’s another example of how a small change can make a big difference.

If you are a brand or business owner please take note.

Small, tiny wins do add up.

What small thing could you change that might benefit the consumer or customer or client?

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