What is brick by brick innovation?

What is brick by brick innovation?

In a recent interview with Carlos Ghosn*, chairman of the Renault Nissan Alliance,  he mentioned that they were using a ‘brick by brick’ innovation strategy.

I love this idea for leaders.

Rather than trying to do everything at once you can do it layer by layer.

This means that you can start now introducing small wins as the team works with the end in mind.

As Ghosn comments:

“….it will a piece by piece, “by brick” innovation, where different technologies developed over the coming years will be layered on, brick by brick, adding up to auto-pilot cars that can pretty much negotiate most driving circumstances without the driver having to continually watch the road: autonomous parking, the car’s ability to sense the car in front of it, and to stay in the lane it’s in and navigate itself.”

Using this approach you can have the best of both worlds — a compelling vision built ‘brick by brick’.

* In Media posts Marketing Daily.

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