What is your glass of water moment of truth?

What is your glass of water moment of truth?

Imagine this scenario.

You walk into a new cafe or restaurant but feel a tiny bit unsure whether to stay or not.

Then the waiter suggests a table and offers you a glass of water.

Before you know it, you are sitting down and examining the menu.

But what happened?

My theory is that it was the glass of water!

It’s a small action that can generate big results.

The cafe or restaurant is offering you something you need and its free.

A physical and emotional transaction has taken place.

I believe this glass of water moment of truth can apply to any service brand or business.

Yet most brand or businesses like most cafe’s ask customers to go and get their own water.


Ask yourself — what are the small moments that can influence the customer or consumer decision in your business?

This transaction offers a win – win.

The customer gains something and you might just get their business.

All because of a glass of water.

Sometimes the smallest things matter the most.

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