What leaders can learn from burnt toast

What leaders can learn from burnt toast

This is a story of burnt toast.

Burnt toast you say!


I was having breakfast the other day at one of my favourite cafes and I asked for another slice of toast with my scrambled eggs.

The friendly staff brought out the toast but it was burnt.

Now I should have sent it back or said something.

But like most other consumers or customers I did not make a fuss at the time but rather have decided to write a blog about my experience.

You see, a slice of toast is a small thing.

The cafe is convenient to me, the staff are great, menu expansive and the prices are reasonable.

But why bring out a burnt slice of toast?

It’s small but perhaps it says so much about their product quality and attitude to their food.

My point is this:

Most brands and business leaders are quite rightly focusing on the customer experience or journey.

They are trying to get the big things right.

This is praiseworthy.

But I say to them — don’t forget the small stuff.

These are the small controllable aspects of the customer experience that people notice.

Because if you ignore them then you risk a small loss.

It represents a loss to your sales and a loss to the customer.

Small losses matter!

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