What leaders can learn from the ballet

What leaders can learn from the ballet

We just spent a delightful evening at the ballet at the Lincoln Centre in New York.

Not only was it an amazing experience but as I reflected on the performance I was struck with how much leaders could learn from this experience also.

Here are a few:

- The pursuit of excellence.
There was nothing ordinary about this performance. The audience expected an was given a world-class show.
Leaders — what are your standards?
Are you building a world-class team?

- The diversity of the group.
Just a quick glance of the major dancers revealed performers from the US, Russia, China and Italy.
We know that creativity emerges from diverse perspectives.
How diverse is your group?

The sum is greater than the parts
Imagine trying to blend the dancers, music, costume, set, story line into one coherent whole.

Not only did the ballet do this but it was seamless, integrated and interdependent.

The entire consumer experience was almost perfect (personally i would have liked some tea rather than coffee but that’s an Australian thing).

I think leaders can learn from this approach.

They should be asking themselves — What does the total experience feel like from the customers point of view?

- The reinvention of an old story
Swan Lake has been around for years.

Yet the US ballet company managed to keep it fresh and relevant.

I think this is a key lesson for all leaders.

How do we continually keep our product, service or brand story fresh to our customers and employees yet at the sae time say true to the original essence?

I could go on.

My point is this.

Becoming a world-class leader – every day is difficult.

But there are people, groups, places and spaces that you can learn from if you are open to it.

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