What’s the ultimate consumer response?

What’s the ultimate consumer response?

When I went to business school (some time ago I admit), we were told that marketing was all about satisfying a targeted consumer needs and wants at an acceptable margin.

This is a sound idea approach as far as it goes.

But it is not enough anymore.

I believe the ultimate consumer response nowadays is thank you.

Thank you for making the experience better, faster or simpler.

It’s the goal in my small wins innovation approach.

In the example here I noticed that in the Nanjing Airport (China) there were numerous places where you could recharge your mobile phone.

As a customer or a user of the airport service I could not help but think – thank you designing the seats in a way that made recharging your mobile phone possible.

Notice how having the customer, user or consumer saying thank you does not involve a huge expense.

Often it’s just a small thoughtful action, change or idea.

It’s a win – win.

Your customer will thank you for the positive experience and you will thank them because they will come back to you again and again.

What can you do in your brand or business where your customer will say or feel – thank you?

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