Where to start innovating?

Where to start innovating?

I am often asked by leaders and managers:

Where is the best place to start innovating?

There is no one best place.

Simply making a start is half the battle.

It’s like a fitness program, the hardest part is just starting.

But here is my suggestion:

Start by concentrating on the small losses that consumers feel when they use your product or service.

A small loss are those bite-size, yet frustrating mistakes or slips ups that all businesses make.

It could be for example:

– making people stand in line for a long period or

– a dirty plate in a hotel or

– a confusing sign or

– a wrong amount charged or

– a spelling mistake on a web site.

These are all small things.

But that is the point.

It is often the small annoying things that overshadow all the great parts of a brand or business.

How many of us have had a great night out for example and right at the end a waiter makes some rude comment.

It can spoil an amazing customer experience.

This is why looking for small losses is the ideal place to start any small wins innovation program.

By starting small you reduce a customer frustration which might result in more business and you achieve a positive result which will motivate you and others to look for other areas to innovate.

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