Why small wins innovation has a big impact

Why small wins innovation has a big impact

Innovation is important but …

In my conversations with leaders over the years they all would agree that innovation is one of their top 3 priorities.

Yet many of them were not doing anything innovative (they would say).

Why the disconnect?

in their quieter moments they admitted that innovation involved risk and failure and they were (not surprisingly) not excited about this prospect.

This is why I developed Small Wins Innovation.

My idea was to overcome this fear of failure and making mistakes by starting small.

Much like starting or restarting a fitness program it is better to make small, sustainable changes than heading off for a 10 kilometre run for example.

So small wins innovation encourages and empowers every individual and group or team to unleash their ideas, energy and passion.

By framing innovation in this way means that:

– it can apply to any activity e.g. a new way to run a meeting for example

– everyone can be involved and

– the tools and process of small wins can be easily learned and applied – quickly.

The Benefits of Small Wins Innovation:

Sometimes a small change can have a big impact. Think of a President Trump Tweet for example.

This is due to the ‘butterfly effect.’

And over time and over a large number of people the impact of lots of small innovative changes can be profound.

What’s more its the best way of building a more innovative culture.

Small wins innovation is also fast, easy, leads to greater progress and engagement.

It can also have a big impact on the consumer, customer or client experience (as the example above illustrates).

Innovation like any skill can be learned.

And the best way to learn it is by doing it.

In summary:

Start small, test, measure, learn and share your results.

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