Would young leaders be better off by thinking small?

Would young leaders be better off by thinking small?

Leaders are encouraged to think big.

They are encouraged to create a big vision and make big changes.

But is this the only way?

What about the mid-level managers?

Or young, future or emerging leaders?

They often do not have the opportunity to make these dramatic changes even if they wanted to.

So we need a new approach.

I call this The Small Wins Way.

It encourages young leaders to:

– form small teams,

– take on small challenges

– with small budgets

– take small risks

– and deliver in small time frames.

The Small Wins Way is an everyday approach to innovation, change and growth.

It’s a way for all young¬†leaders to practice these vital skills and capabilities.

To use an analogy – you can try and get fit by going to the gym a few times a year for an intensive 24 hour session.

Or you can do just a little bit every day.

The Small Wins way is an easier, faster and low risk approach to building more innovative and productive teams.

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